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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dasabhumika Sūtra


Dasabhumika Sūtra
Vamsapala : 5301201125 

Dasabhumika known as The Ten Stages Sutra is an early, influential Mahayana Buddhist scripture. The sutra also appears as the 26th chapter of the Avataṃsaka Sūtra.In the Daśabhūmika Sūtra, the Buddha describes ten stages of development that a bodhisattva must progress through in order to accomplish full Enlightenment and Buddhahood, as well as the subject of Buddha-nature and the awakening of the aspiration for Enlightenment.

The meaning is ten ground ( Dasabhumika), there very great idea of explanation Through seeking all Paramitas, Dharmas that aid the way.  Through freedom from all flattery and deceit, being able to practice as is spoken, always guarding true speech, not renouncing the Bodhisattva precepts,  bringing forth the thought for all knowledge, unmoving like the king of mountains, through not abandoning all worldly matters, yet accomplishing the Way of world-transcendence. And through accumulate assisting Bodhi-share Dharmas without weariness; through constantly seeking the superiorly superior, especially supreme way.
When Bodhisattvas dwell in d Dharmas such as those, it is called Dwelling on the Bodhisattvas’ Ground of Happiness, because of the connection with non-moving. Disciples of the Buddha, when Bodhisattvas dwell on the Ground of Happiness, they accomplish much happiness, much pure faith, much delight, much bliss, much elation, much enthusiasm, much courage, much freedom from contention, much absence of troubling, much absence of anger.
In this sutta, it is explained that the boddhisatta when engaged in various religious practices to fine way out of this suffering of samsara. He practiced a kind of mental exercises. He divided the thoughts into two. Those are kamavitakka and vyapadavitakka. There are two Unwholesome and wholesome explained by avihimsa he tried to dvelop wholesome thoughts while trying to eliminate unwholesome thoughts. Then he was doing that in the first watch ( pathmayana) of the night. He attained the knowledge of recollecting his past lives ( pubbenivassnussati) . in the middle watch( majjhimayana) , he attained to knowledge of the passing away and reappearance of beings by means of the dividne eye. Then herealized the for noble truth in the last watch of the night ( pacchimainmayana). 


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